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Buddy Love Clothing Label / Izzy & Lola

Buddy Love has quickly became one of our favorite new(ish) brands! It is always full of life, color, personality and pizazz with a touch of a stylish boho vibe. They are always pieces that you can dress up or down and feel amazing in.  Founders Grayson DiFonzo and her husband Buddy, draw inspiration from their love of travel, family, craftsmanship and design, to curate a mix of clothing with the real woman in mind. With a touch of Southern flare and a carefree aesthetic, they have created a destination for women in every facet of life. This inspired them to design a full expression of the brand through their three lines: BuddyLove, BuddyLove Basics and Izzy & Lola. And did I mention that I met Grayson, the owner and she is just as sweet and adorable as the clothing she designs. We are smitten.

And here is a few of our latest arrivals of the Spring 2017 collection…

The Best Maxi Of All Time

Yes, ladies. That’s right. By unanimous decision, we have deemed this dress “the best maxi of all time”. It is fab-u-lous. The lace is amazing, the colors are to die for and the underlining is a romper! The shorts are a tad short and sassy, but with the lace overlay, we say go for it girl! And maybe the best part is it’s only $66! Lets just take a moment and soak in it’s goodness. 🙂

75 76

Z Supply – T Shirt Company


So, we just can’t get enough of the casual, cute and comfy basic tee. And while this look is in style, lets run with it! Am I right? Who doesn’t love to throw on a tee and go? Let me tell you my friends, we have found the perfect tee. Meet Z SUPPLY. The fabric is sooooo soft and the endless amount of colors are perfection. This is not your average t-shirt folks. It’s a great stand alone piece and its the exact thing you are always looking for to layer and a smooth transition from day to night, in any season. Its an effortless, chic look and we are totally digging it!





Did we mention these shirts have been seen on every celebrity from Kate Hutson to Rihanna?


Here’s a quick overview from the Z Supply website…


Comfortable. Essential. Chic. We have designed a line of easygoing essentials to seamlessly intermix with any wardrobe. Laid-back and relaxed, these fashion basics make the smoothest transition from day to night, in any season. Whether out and about or just lounging around, our pieces hold the secret to looking uniquely and effortlessly chic. Our collection is found in specialty boutiques nationwide.


Soft. Subtle. Unique. Our fabrics are made from the finest blend of soft and subtle threads, designed for casual simplicity and a relaxed feel. We operate our own dye houses to create exclusive washes that customize each piece and ensure superior quality. With signature dyes and fabrics that are light and breathable, it’s clear why our pieces become closet staples.




Blogger Spotlight: Twist Me Pretty



Our Blogger Spotlight this week is Abby Smith from Twist Me Pretty blog. Twist Me Pretty is a lifestyle and beauty blog. She is a wife and mother of four and has been blogging since 2011. Abby has a passion for beauty and fashion and loves sharing her personal styling tips. Her blog has over 150 hairstyle tutorials, makeup tips, fashion tips, and about her everyday life. Before her blog, she did not know a lot about styling hair so she learned from YouTube videos.  She said “thanks to YouTube I was able to get a proper education ha and decided to share what I’d learned with the five people who read my little craft blog!”  She wants women of all ages to feel empowered and confident in their own skin. We love her vision on life and her style. She has quick and easy hair tutorials and styling tips for busy moms that still want to look fashion forward with little time.



Check out her quick and easy fishtail updo tutorial if your pushed for time but still want to look cute and put together!


Forget the diet and try this


So, normally we eat pretty healthy around my house…..normally? Tonight was not the case. I didn’t have anything to cook and last minute came up with what I’m going to call Loaded BACON Mac N Cheese. It was the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth! Not kidding.

Boil 8 oz noodles

Fry 6 slices bacon

Cook 1 lb hamburger meat (optional. the bacon is a mus)

In a sauce pan combine 3 tb butter, 1/4 c AP flour and 2.5 cups of milk, 2.5 cups of cheese and a handful of green onions. (I may have left in  a little bacon grease too ?) Sprinkle kosher salt to taste.

Pour over noodles in a casserole dish. Add 1 cup of cheese and brown.

Dont think about the calories, just eat!




Crazy For Denim

A good denim top has become one of my personal must have items. They are extremely versatile and can be styled with pretty much any and everything! Take note that I did say a “good” denim top. 🙂 I have found that all denim tops are not created equal! If not careful, they can look cheap and very dated. But do not fret! Because we have the perfect ones in stock right now! Here are a few looks that we put together.


This is one of my favorite ways to wear a denim top. All of those sleeveless summer dresses that you thought you had to retire for fall? Not anymore! Just throw on a denim top over and you are good to go!


Ok. Let me just say, this skirt is ah-mazing! Who would have thought a good ole denim shirt would look so fabulous with a TULLE skirt! Yes, Mam! You can add a denim top with almost any skirt, casual or formal and it completely changes the look up. Love this!


Here is a good way to keep those white jeans around after labor day! No longer do you have to abide by those silly rules! You can pair any vest over a denim top and it will look perfectly put together.


This last look is simple, chic and comfortable. We did black leggings, a long white cami, boots and yes, a denim top! Which is your favorite?

Introducing our newest brand: BuddyLove Clothing Label


BuddyLove-Brand-Arrow-300We introduce to you one of our newest brands BuddyLove Clothing Label. They take the knowledge of what customers want, what styles are best sellers and what is on trend, put it all together and then design their dream collection each season. Their style is flirty with a southern feel. We love the versatility of each style BuddyLove creates. Moms and daughters can wear the same style but the mom wear as a tunic with skinny jeans and the daughter wear as a dress! We just placed a Reorder with them because everything sold out so fast! We love the Lola Tunic Tiffany is modeling. The feathered print has gorgeous colors in it for fall. We hope you give BuddyLove a chance like we did because you will fall in love with their style and forever be a fan!



Blogger Spotlight

We are so excited about our blogger spotlight this week featuring blogger Emily Gemma from the blog The Sweetest Thing. We love her style and everything about her! We are sure many of you have seen her all over Pinterest and have pinned many of her inspiring outfits. Emily has a cute and classy sense of style. She is also amazing at doing hair and makeup.

Emily has great tutorials on hair care, extensions, curling, etc. She also has great make-up tips and her favorite products. One our favorite things about her is she is honest with her readers about stores, products and so much more!

We love that she loves bright colors, prints, and lots of jewelry. She is the perfect blogger to follow when you find yourself in a rut.  Her posts give inspiration to create new and unique outfits with pieces you already have in your closet.  For daily posts and style tips follow her on Instagram at emilyanngemma.

The Hubs favorite dish


This is hands down Sam’s favorite meal. At least a close second to fried steak, mash potatoes gravy and biscuits, of course. Because what can beat that? Above is the picture before I coated it in cheese and baked it.

I enjoy cooking and hate baking. I cannot bake because I cannot follow a recipe. When I cook I just throw things in. So here’s my version of this dish.

Chicken, Spaghetti and Squash Casserole-

8 Boneless, skinless chicken thighs
1 pack of spaghetti noodles
4 yellow squash
4 zucchini
1 onion
Cheddar Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil

Boil chicken by itself, Sauté veggies in olive oil and boil noodles. I do this all at the same time. Mix it all together and dump in a lot of cheddar cheese and a jar or two of cream of mushroom soup. And use a lot of salt and pepper. If you want, add some butter 🙂

It’s so simple and yummy. If you aren’t a huge squash fan, just try it anyway! The squash isn’t overpowering at all. Give it try!

Pebble Hill Spring Photoshoot





Models: Honey Balfour, Carolina Williams, Devon Tillman, Shanna Derby
Photographer: Abby Caroline Mims
Location: Pebble Hill Plantation