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7 Things I learned Building a House

We are officially moved into our house now and somewhat settled. I don’t know how long it will take to ever feel settled. But, it is an AMAAAAZING feeling to finally be in our own home that we designed and planned for so long.  Several people have asked, so now that I’ve had time to breath and reflect I wanted to share what we learned during the building process.

1. Contracter- Of course this is the biggy and oh so important. We lucked out here because we had the BEST contractor ever. We used Kurt Demott out of Moultrie and he could not have been better. He backs up everything he says. He is a people pleaser and will do whatever it takes for you to have what you want and get the job done correctly. I never once heard him say, “We can’t do that” or “That can’t be done”.  You often hear horror stories from people have built houses and every time it falls back to the contactor. So, do your research.

Kurt Demott- 229.873.4517

2. Electric- I heard from tons of people that this was a biggy. I read up and plotted and walked the house for light switch placements, etc. Well, it was not enough haha. It is so hard to get this exactly right and it may be impossible. Here’s a few tips.

-Be sure to put plugs everywhere. Don’t forget closets that you might store electric items or brooms.

-Put a set of light switches at your bed. I have a set right at arms length when I’m laying in the bed and I love it!

-Also put 4 plus on either side of the bed instead of two. Theres so many things to plug in these days! There’s lamps, alarm clocks, phone and tablet chargers etc.

-Walk, walk, walk and walk some more around your house and carefully think about each step for light switch placement. The electrician will be a huge help here. We have two switches that drive me crazy. Its not that big of a deal. But when you are using them 10x a day it gets a little annoying. For example, my closet doors are small double doors that swing. The switch is on the inside wall instead of the outside wall so I have to come in, then reach my hands around the door. It should be on the outside and that will be an easy change one day. The other one is the back porch lights. We have one back entrance that we use a lot that doesnt have a back porch light switch. So, if you are leaving at night your in the dark.

Flood Lights- We have light switches for the flood lights and I just dont get it. They always get switched off so, then when you come in at night the automatic flood lights dont turn on. In the dark again 🙂 In my opinion a flood light should always be on, therefore it does not need a switch.

4. Help- You are going to need help! You will be asked 500 questions a day and you will have no idea what to do! I guess as women we always need someone to consult or make us feel good about our decisions. When I knew I had already driven my mom and aunt crazy for the day I called Marie Brown. She is a designer/consultant that will help with everything from floor plan, building to decorating. I loved using her because you don’t feel bad about calling her constantly or begging her to “come over right now, I need you”! haha I had the most questions with the floorplan and what materials to use here or there. She saved me so many times! She completely changed my back entrance and every single time I come in with a load of groceries I want to call and thank her!

Marie Brown – 229.402.0221

5. Ground work- I guess this is what it is called. Sam would tell you this should be number one on the list. I watched Sam drive that tractor back and forth across that yard a million times. I don’t at all understand it, but leveling the ground and steering water away from the house is a must. We know of several houses that have a problem with water being under the house after a good rain. This was very important to Sam.

6. Flag It – Before the walls went up I walked the house off in my parents yard. I flagged and measured out each room. I ended up adding 5 feet to the living room and I’m SO glad I did. Those 5 feet make all the difference in the living room lay out.

7. Don’t Stress! I know it’s hard, but enjoy the process. It is so much fun and you might not ever get to do it again. I enjoyed every step of the way and surprisingly I didn’t stress to bad. I think that goes back to having a good contractor. And the fact that Sam didn’t care one bit about what I did! As long as I was in budget of course. 🙂

I will update as I think of other things! If you have anything to add to the list please leave a comment below!


Farm Sink- This is not a biggy, but If you go with a farm sink be sure to get an “apron” sink. Its something about the way it fits or mounts to the sink. Also, have the counter top go over the sink ledge completely. Our counter tops stop in the center of the sink edge so you can see a gunk line where film, liquid or food likes to sit or build up. Its almost impossible to keep clean because its such a fine line and hard to get to.

Marble Counter Tops- So, you hear EVERYWHERE that marble stains. Well, surprise surprise. It DOES! I love, love, love the look of our counter tops. I love that it is so classic and all the old farm houses had them. I am not a super clean freak and I thought I wouldn’t mind the aged patina look. Well, it doesn’t look aged it just looks messy. It breaks my heart and I have seriously lost sleep over this. It shows water marks, cup rings and any spill or splash. Imagine a black truck with soap marks or a shower door with soap scum. It’s not a stain that shows color. Its a slight etch where it is no longer shiny. The alternative to this is going with a “honed” marble. But then they say it is more porous. It may still be a better option, bit I do not have any experience with it. We used marble in the entire house and the only area that really bothers me is the kitchen island. Its where you can see the most damage. The kitchen window is right behind it, so the light shows and reflects everything. The cabinets against the wall doesn’t show nearly as bad.



Baby Shower for Julie

This past Sunday we had a lovely baby shower for my friend Julie. She will soon be having her second boy and I am so excited for Luke to have a little friend to run around with. Julie and I are neighbors, we go to the same church and we both work downtown and eat together almost every week. Zack and Raymond are already big buddies and Im pretty sure Zack thinks Raymond is his cousin. 🙂 So, I know Luke and new baby Rowland will not have a choice but to be forever besties.

I thought I took more pictures than I did at the shower. Although I didn’t get many, I of course managed to get a few pictures of the house. Because isn’t that one of the best parts about going to a shower is the home tour? Oh, or is that just me? This is Heather Waldrops house and she has done an amazing job at adding pops of color all throughout her home. She was kind enough to let me come see her home and answered a lot of my questions when we were in the process of building. One of my favorite things about her house was her wide planked wood floors. We ended up going with the same floors and I am in love with them! These pictures are of the dining room, kitchen and sitting room off of the kitchen.





image (8)

image (7)

Labor Day Weekend

We spent a fun weekend visiting Jill, Brian and Cole at their new beach house in Fort Walton. Her house is so so cute and it is right across the street from the beach. Jill was so sweet to have a birthday cake and gift for Zack waiting on us!








Lanier’s Lilly Pulitzer Bridal Shower

Only in the south are there Lilly Pulitzer bridal showers! Oh my goodness, this was the most adorable shower ever. Our whole clan loaded up and went to Savannah for the weekend to celebrate with Lanier. It is not often that we all get to go out of town together, so we had a blast! We are so happy for Lanier and can’t wait for her big day!

Also, on this fancy new blog you can hover the picture to “Pin It”!

Of course, Zack was dressed for the occasion.

This is Lanier’s future SIL, Julie. She is the talented one that put this all together! She did an amazing job!!

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