Introducing our newest brand: BuddyLove Clothing Label


BuddyLove-Brand-Arrow-300We introduce to you one of our newest brands BuddyLove Clothing Label. They take the knowledge of what customers want, what styles are best sellers and what is on trend, put it all together and then design their dream collection each season. Their style is flirty with a southern feel. We love the versatility of each style BuddyLove creates. Moms and daughters can wear the same style but the mom wear as a tunic with skinny jeans and the daughter wear as a dress! We just placed a Reorder with them because everything sold out so fast! We love the Lola Tunic Tiffany is modeling. The feathered print has gorgeous colors in it for fall. We hope you give BuddyLove a chance like we did because you will fall in love with their style and forever be a fan!



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