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Articles of Society



In our search for a new denim line to carry at Ally B we knew we were seeking a brand that was on trend,  had an amazing fit and at a reasonable price. It’s every girls dream right? Let me tell you, it was not an easy task! We scoured the web and walked our little tooshies off all over the Atlanta Apparel Mart for this perfect denim brand. After viewing many different brands all roads lead back to Articles of Society.  They were everything we were looking for. Our most favorite part is that they offer several fits for different body types. So they are not a one style fits all type of jean. They offer different rises, different length and different styles for everyone. The second thing was the fabric. Oooooh, the fabric! It’s so soft, lightweight and has the perfect amount of stretch to fit everywhere it is suppose to. Here’s a brief fit guide to give you an idea.


Please come by and feel and try these for yourself! We can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback! Muah!

Here is a bit more about the company from their website…

Articles of Society has adopted a unique role in the premium denim industry as the first brand to offer consumers superior jeans at an affordable price.  The company launched in 2012 after recognizing this missing element in the denim market and refusing to compromise quality for value.

With it’s headquarters based in downtown Los Angeles, Articles of Society uses the same high-quality fabrics, fit standards and craftsmanship as its contenders, whose jeans retail for up to four times the price.  As veterans in the denim industry with prior ties to Hudson, Antik Denim, Theory and Vince, the AOS team brings a wealth of insider knowledge and practicality to the business, lending the company a significant edge over its industry peers.

Since its launch, Articles of Society has taken the denim market by storm, selling at major retail locations across the world and garnering the attention of industry professionals and experts.  The Brand satisfies a fashionable, budget-conscious generation with denim that is cutting-edge, versatile, and above all iconic.