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Umgee – Designer Spotlight

The New Year brings a lot of excitement.  I personally love it because it means spring is near and shipments of bright colors, prints, and white clothing are coming in. Our Mix it Up dress is one of our all time favorites from Umgee. I love all things that can be paired with an ankle bootie, and this dress is perfect for them. What is even better is it will also go perfect with wedges, heels, sandals, you name it. And the mixing of prints makes the dress fun and unique!


Umgee has quickly become an employee and customer favorite.  Based in the heart of Los Angeles, California, Umgee strives to provide electric contemporary clothing for women of all ages.  That’s right, all ages.   These casual tops are some personal favorites.  It is not always easy to find a top that is super comfortable and cute too, but Umgee nails it every time.


What I love most about Umgee, aside from the amazing prices that range from only $26-$48, is the prints and detail.  They have managed to add amazing detail that make a dress stand out above the rest.  And what is even better, is Umgee creates pieces that are perfect to throw on in the morning and wear through the night. Most items are great for layering and can be worn year round. Which means, you can completely re stock your closet with a whole new wardrobe with a minimal budget and have versatile pieces that will truly take you anywhere!

Be sure to check out all of our new Umgee arrivals at ShopAllyb.Com   You will be sure to fall in love as quickly as we have!



New Years Resolution

Well, here it is January the 8th and I have not yet to begin any of my new years resolutions. And yes, there are several. Eeek. My husband Sam has a motto that he goes by that I love and it has actually helped me tremendously over the years. He says, “You just have to be a better person everyday. You don’t have to change overnight, just do better tomorrow”. He puts it so simply and it makes it so true. Our lives have been SO busy over the last several years with moving twice and having two babies. Being in our new home and feeling like a real life family makes me want to do better! haha So, here are my resolutions…

1. Of course, loose the baby weight. I have 15 pounds to go and it feels like 50. I not only want to loose the weight but I want to do it right and begin a healthy diet. I don’t just want to crash diet to loose the weight. I want to change my eating life style and cut out the garbage. Also, I know I need to be drinking more water. I’m a sweet tea addict, so that might be the most challenging part.

2. Get up at 6:00 or at least the same time everyday and start a routine. Between moving, having baby Luke, the holidays and then the boys being sick I have had NO routine for the last 6 months. And I mean none That makes it especially really hard getting anything done, much less on a regular basis.

3. This goes along with resolutions 2 but I NEED to have quite time and time with God every morning. I crave it, yet it is so hard to make time for it and to do it consistently every day.

4. And lastly, finances. Womp, womp. Set a budget and stick to it!

This is a lot, but it is truly things I need to do for myself and my family. So, the moral of the story is. Lets just try each day to do a little better. You don’t have to quit your new years resolution because you did bad today or haven’t done it in a week. Just “Do better tomorrow” and each day you will get a little better and a little better. 🙂