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Tips for Mixing Prints


If you’ve pursued Pinterest at all this fall, you’ve noticed that mixing prints is all the rage. But you have to wonder, how much is too much? You want to look like you’re straight off the runway, not straight out of the looney bin. So how can you achieve that perfect mixed pattern look? Here’s a few tips.

My absolute favorite is mixing plaids with stripes. This can work with anything as long as the colors work.

Plaids and polka dots are another easy mix. If you’re going with a large polka dot, you definitely want to keep the shirt stripes small. If the patterns are the same size, they will compete with each other.

Break up some of the prints with a solid item. You can certainly wear a printed jacket over printed bottoms, but it would probably be best to go with a solid top under the jacket.

Stay in the same color family. Going crazy with too many different colors will make you venture from the fashion realm into tacky land.

Leopard print goes with almost anything. Note that I said ALMOST anything. And a pop of color with leopard is always fab.

The best tip of all is to be confident and let it shine through! If you still aren’t sure about giving it a try, you can start by mixing textures. That’s an easy way to ease yourself into mixing up your look a bit!

Sequins and Metallics, Oh My

I am a sucker for anything sparkly–baubles, jewels, and at this time of the year in particular, sequins. You’re probably thinking, “Aren’t sequins only appropriate for a fancy gathering for a Christmas party?” That’s absolutely not the case. Sequins are and can be an extremely versatile fashion staple. Sure, you can wear a sequined dress to a festive fiesta, but what about for drinks with your gal pals or even to work? Yes, It IS possible.

The best way dress down sequins is to pair it with denim. You can put a seemingly dressy sequined sweater with a pair of jeans and an awesome pair of shoes and run out the door! You can always layer with a scarf, skinny jeans and pumps for work. Or just throw on a leather jacket for an edgier look. The options are endless!! Here are a few items that we have online now.


This blazer is full on covered in a glitter party! It is AH-MAZING! Pairing it with denim, a solid pop of color and the silky chiffon fabric tones it down a bit and gives it a more casual look. This blazer would also be fun over a cocktail dress to add a little sleeve and glamour.

PicMonkey Collage

Now, this is one you can wear everyday, anywhere and fit right in. You can’t be over dressed or under dressed in this metallic leopard print sweater. I’m totally in love with this! You can do so much with this like adding color with your accessories or black skinnies and heels to dress it up. We have the perfect pair of black waxed denim that would look killer with this. The waxed denim is a leather look with the comfort of denim.


This top is so elegant and whimsy. This one would be perfect to layer with a leather jacket for a totally different look. I love the layered mix of sequins and chiffon.

Here’s just a few more splarkly beauties you can find on the website now.


Be bold, don’t take yourself too seriously, add some glamour to your day and have a little fun! Share some of your favorite sequined looks with us! We want to see!

Baby Shower for Julie

This past Sunday we had a lovely baby shower for my friend Julie. She will soon be having her second boy and I am so excited for Luke to have a little friend to run around with. Julie and I are neighbors, we go to the same church and we both work downtown and eat together almost every week. Zack and Raymond are already big buddies and Im pretty sure Zack thinks Raymond is his cousin. 🙂 So, I know Luke and new baby Rowland will not have a choice but to be forever besties.

I thought I took more pictures than I did at the shower. Although I didn’t get many, I of course managed to get a few pictures of the house. Because isn’t that one of the best parts about going to a shower is the home tour? Oh, or is that just me? This is Heather Waldrops house and she has done an amazing job at adding pops of color all throughout her home. She was kind enough to let me come see her home and answered a lot of my questions when we were in the process of building. One of my favorite things about her house was her wide planked wood floors. We ended up going with the same floors and I am in love with them! These pictures are of the dining room, kitchen and sitting room off of the kitchen.





image (8)

image (7)