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boys will be boys

These boys. Have my heart.

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We are officially building our dream farm house!

It’s happening!!! We are FINALLY building a house!! Here is the perfectly southern plantation home that we are copying, I mean “inspired by” in Monticello, FL.

Let me just start by saying, if you ever need anything in the world. No matter, how strange or random it may be, call Dara Barwick and she will make it happen. Seriously. So, we pass this house going down to Dara and Randy’s (my in-laws) river house. The first time I saw this house I fell in love. I love the symmetry, the huge columns, the solid white, the front porch. Everything. Not to mention it was built in the late 1800’s and is a true timeless historical home. So, the first time I fell in love with this house I was riding in the car with Dara. I raved and raved about it the whole ride home. Well, a few weeks later she calls and says, “I got you in”. I had no clue what she was talking about. This wonderful crazy lady stopped and knocked on the door and told the owners all about me and my love for this house. She sent me their names, email, website, background check (kidding) and told me to call them anytime to set up a visit! Oh, I was thrilled! So, long story short I am driving these poor people crazy. haha Hopefully, I can achieve the look of this house and be just as much in love with my own.

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