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Lanier’s Lilly Pulitzer Bridal Shower

Only in the south are there Lilly Pulitzer bridal showers! Oh my goodness, this was the most adorable shower ever. Our whole clan loaded up and went to Savannah for the weekend to celebrate with Lanier. It is not often that we all get to go out of town together, so we had a blast! We are so happy for Lanier and can’t wait for her big day!

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Of course, Zack was dressed for the occasion.

This is Lanier’s future SIL, Julie. She is the talented one that put this all together! She did an amazing job!!

All of the stationary and printing design was done by Nico and LaLa.

family fun

After the shower we drove down to Jacksonville to take Zack to the Zoo and to Catty Shack Sanctuary. Catty Shack turned out to be our favorite. It is a non profit cat sanctuary and you get VERY up close and personal with all kinds of tigers and lions. We loved it!




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